FOUNDRY – Golden Cider


I don’t know what a golden shower feels like, but I anticipate this cider is nothing like it.

My trip to the Government Liquor store today didn’t give me very many cider options – just a few classics like Strongbow, Rock Creek, Okanagan Springs, and Growers… but there were two that caught my eye… This was one of them. Why did it catch my eye? It said “new product” beside it.

At only 4.5% alc./vol., this cider, imported from the U.K., goes down smooth like apple juice. In fact, it doesn’t have that weird cider aftertaste, an if given to a small child, they may just think it was apple juice. Apple Cider? Who would have thought!

The can has some weird story about a patio chair. Not my thing. Give me some fru-fru story instead. And the can looks like it is trying to rip off some sort of Mac product. Perhaps they should have called it iCider and risked getting sued. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

The can also advises to “serve well chilled”. While most cider is better chilled, this became unbearably gross when it warmed up. As you will learn from reading this blog more and more, I will complain about “big cans” and “fizz”. I have a hard time getting through a big can, so at the 50% mark, I had to get a glass with ice. It then improved remarkably and it was back into my “would drink again” books.

The website sucks. Don’t bother. If you don’t believe me:

Fizzyness: 3/5
Can Design: 1/5
Cost: 4/5
Coolness: 3/5

The coolness would improve depending on the company. A bunch of nerds (like me) would probably spend their time complaining about trademarks (because mac seems to own every apple shape in the world), and people liking drab, bland colours may think its more cool. The cost was a little better than average, but the liquor store might just be trying to get me hooked on a new product.

Definitely refreshing on a hot day. Not as dry as I would like it, but I think the sweetness compliments the slightly lower alcohol content. Would prefer if it came in smaller cans or bottles, but its not that big of a deal. It definitely complimented the BBQ pizza we had for dinner. Try it if you have 3 friends to split a 4 pack with.

(sorry about the lame picture. I stole it from the intraweb. I don’t feel like getting my camera out, taking a picture… give me a break, I’ve been sanding and spackelling all day)


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